Agile Development with Quality Center

More and more organizations recognize the power of agile development. When it comes to the tool question often new tools are selected, which are specifically built for agile development. Often those tools fall short in addressing quality aspects. While HP Quality Center isn’t positioned as an agile tool, it is capable of providing more support for agile development than many of the agile focused tools do.

Late in 2012 HP introduced HP Agile Manager. This is a true agile development solution. You can get details about HP AM at the HP website:

and check out the blog entries on which provide some insights from an in depth review.

Below you can find solutions on how to work agile in earlier versions of HPE Quality Center.

Agile Development with HP Quality Center 9.2

Agile development teams applying prominent agile methods like Scrum can utilize HP Quality Center version 9.2 or later to not only perform agile testing but also development. Key agile concepts and entities like:

  • Iterative development in short cycles
  • Work items managed in backlogs
  • User stories and tasks
  • Progress reporting in Burn-down or Burn-up charts

can be mapped to HP Quality Center concepts using the rich customization techniques available in the product. The requirements module can be used to manage User stories and tasks as customized requirement types. Releases and sprints are defined in the management module and utilized by requirements, tests and defects. Agile roles like product owner, team member and scrum master can be defined and managed for each project individually.

How this works together has been demonstrated in a webinar presentation by Gerald Heller for Vivit, the independent user community of HP Software & Services, in September 2009. The webinar slides, as well as questions and answers are available for Vivit members from Vivit Worldwide:

Note that basic Vivit membership, which qualifies for accessing the webinar, can be gained free of charge.

Agile Development with HP Quality Center 10.0

HP Quality Center release 10.0 has added additional functionality to support mature agile development. Requirements (aka User stories) and tests can now be baselined. Tests can be pinned to a specific cycle. By using this functionality agile teams are now able to perform quality tasks and defect resolution on past cycles without interfering with current development. This capability adds flexibility to agile teams and allows to outsource testing even for agile projects.

Large organizations often face the situation of many development process variants, so that progress reporting on organization level often is a time consuming task. Process enablement in Quality Center 10.0 allows agile process harmonization for large companies hereby streamlining agile approaches.

HP Quality Center agile accelerator

Hewlett-Packard has recognized the industry trend towards agile and offers an agile accelerator package for HP Quality Center since release 10.0. This offering is a Quality Center customization package which helps to jumpstart agile teams. With the offering of HP Agile Manager HP seems to not further pursue selling of this package (Feb 2013).