Recommended Websites

About HP Quality Center / ALM and HP Agile Manager

HP QC/ALM offerings (trial access as well)

HP QC/ALM community (tagged agile)

HP QC/ALM content for download from HP

HP ALM Help Center

HP QC /ALM system requirements specifications

HP Agile Manager (What’s new)

HP ALM and Agile Manager playlist on YouTube

Vivit TQA Worldwide (Upon free registration content of past meetings will be available)

Vivit TQA is the Special Interest Group on “Testing, Quality, and Application Lifecycle Management” (TQA) within Vivit, the independent users community of HP Software & Solutions. Vivit TQA addresses organizational, methodological, and technical questions surrounding the application of products like HP Quality Center, HP Performance Center and HP QuickTest Professional. Vivit TQA fosters experience sharing among users and communicates feedback to HP.

Pages are available in English and German. They contain news and information on the activities of the special interest group, including presentation slides from group meetings.

SQA Forums

Titled as “The online community for software testing & quality assurance professionals” this site offers a wealth on information on various testing tools and testing techniques. The HP Quality Center and QuicktestPro forums are pretty active. Read access is public.


Titled as “An HP Software Community”, this is a great place to look for answers to technical questions. The site focuses on HP tools only and covers the entire product range of HP’s testing tools. Eric Schumacher is the administrator and posts great information. You need to register to get read access.

Wilson Mar

Wilson Mar captured a lot of wisdom around HP Quality Center on his pages. Additional information is available about other test and development tools. The site is fun to read.

QualityCenter EU

This forum provides discussion platform about HP Quality Center / ALM in German language. Read access is free.