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Agile ALM with HP and CollabNet

Gerald Heller

On June 15, 2010 CollabNet® announced a collaboration with HP that will provide customers with an end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that supports software application development from requirements definition, through development and testing, to release. The end-points of the integration are HP Quality Center and the CollabNet TeamForge™ platform.

While CollabNet® has a pretty general integration and synchronization framework, this solution is specifically interesting because of its agile context. The integration provides bi-directional synchronization of requirements, epics, user stories, defects, tests, and more.

I’m pretty impressed by the outcome. It allows developers, project leads and testers to stay in the environment they use most. For example, if a developer adds a new task to a user story in TeamForge/Eclipse, the task will also appear as a sub-requirement of a user story in HP Quality Center. As a result a tester, who works in Quality Center will have the same information at hand. All relevant data is synchronized between the two environments. Even comments are being synchronized.

This looks pretty cool to me. It will definitely be worthwhile to give it a try. There is quite some potential for increases in work efficiency.

There is a recorded demo from CollabNet®, which provides a good impression of the integration.

HP Accelerates Its Move To Agile

Gerald Heller

Recently, HP has started a campaign to accelerate its offerings in the agile context. A Forrester study conducted for HP found that an application modernization strategy will help IT organizations to overcome old technologies that hinder business success. A major role of that strategy is seen in applying agile techniques.

The full study can be accessed at www.hp.com/go/agile.

HP currently markets this story on major newspapers.

As a consequence you can expect to see even more emphasis on agile in the upcoming Software Universe 2010 event.

I’m curious to see in which areas HP will deliver new agile solutions for its customers.

Agile Perspective on HP Software Universe 2010

Gerald Heller

HP Software Universe 2010, the annual conference of HP Software & Solutions, will take place on June 15-18 in Washington D.C. I checked out the event program at https://www.hpsoftwareuniverse2010.com and put particularly attention at the agile perspective. Overall, the track on agile application development includes ten presentations. Five of which will be presented by customers, five by HP.

There is one session that really caught my interest. It is called Demonstrating ROI and breaking down the barriers between development and QA and will be presented by Todd DeCapua from ING Direct. Todd will talk how a 180-person development team overcame organizational barriers and formed 16 agile scrum sprint teams that delivered new features and functions to customers on a weekly basis. That looks cool to me; it will be very interesting to learn how HP tools have contributed to this approach.

In the session Using HP Quality Center workflow and customization interface to manage testing process flows Michael Deady from JCPenney will show how testing groups control the process flow for various testing methods, including agile, using QC 10 workflow customization.  This may give valuable insights into things that work.

HP provides a couple of talks which will provide insights into how it uses QC for their own product development. Probably the most interesting session from HP about agile will be How HP BTO applications support agile development today and in the future, by Raziel Tabib, Product Manager at HP. You can expect to get some impressions about agile support in the upcoming HP Quality Center release.

Stay tuned. In subsequent articles on this blog, I will keep on reporting about news from the upcoming Software Universe.